The 45 RPM Collection: Die Musicradiostation-CD

CD-Promotion-Album “The 45 Collection” von Musicradiostation. Release date CD: 2018 Der Musicradiostation Radio Sampler ist da! 20 brandheiße Songs sind jetzt auf CD erschienen. Die vorliegende Radio- und DJ-Compilation von…

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Steff Angelova

DJ Steff Angelova

Being attracted by the electronic music world, Steff started to spin her favorite records in the local clubs of her birth place, at the age of eighteen. Soon she had…

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Carlos Perons Musik-Kolumne

Sendung Montag, 20.00 – 21.00 Uhr 1. OLLEY Introducing OLLEY (Perón/Lawrence) 2. OLLEY Ouverture 1001 night (Perón/Lawrence) 3. OLLEY You are my joker (Perón/Lawrence – Perón/Lawrence/Bugi) 4. OLLEY Daddy (Perón/Lawrence…

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